Update on Village signs

If you cast your minds back to earlier in the year the Parish Council were in discussions with DDC looking at ways to improve the road safety in Clifton.

Well we have some good news on that front. An order has been placed with the highways agency for the works to be carried out for the new signage. This means that the lorry weight / height restriction signs will be moved further out towards the A515 to give lorry rivers a better chance to see it and not use Clifton as a through route to their destination.

We will also be seeing new school flashing signs being installed. I haven’t got the details of the type of sign but am assured they will flash as and when the school require them to alert motorists of children being around.

We haven’t heard back about the virtual footpath as yet but am again assured that the information is sitting on someones desk in Matlock ready to be processed. We will wait in anticipation.

You may have noticed the new mirror now situated on the side of the pub. This has been erected to allow pedestrians walking into the village from Chapel Lane a chance to view down the main road before crossing. We thank Andrew for allowing this mirror to be erected on the pub but we would also like to point out is should be used in addition to all your other senses and don’t just rely on it. I must admit the first time I used it I forgot to look left….Please be careful!

We will keep you informed of any updates we get.

Thank You


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