Derbyshire Dales Local Plan Update


I’m writing to inform you that the District Council will be undertaking six weeks of public consultation on the Derbyshire Dales Draft Local Plan commencing on 7th April 2016. This period of public consultation will provide you with the opportunity to have your say on the planning policies for the future use and development of land for the period up to 2033.
The Derbyshire Dales Draft Local Plan includes many policies and proposals that are intended to be used to guide new development across the plan area including new housing and economic development, whilst at the same time seeking to protect and enhance the special environmental qualities of the area.
The Local Plan will be available to view from the Councils website from 7th April using the following link: On this page you will also be able to complete an online questionnaire with your views on the different elements of the plan.
To enable you to make a fully informed and timely response to the consultation a series of public exhibitions and meetings are to be held at the following locations:
Public Exhibitions:
Date                                                    Location
7th– 14th April                                     Wirksworth Leisure Centre
14th-21st April                                                Ashbourne Leisure Centre
21st-28th April                                                Imperial Rooms Matlock


These will be staffed by planning officers from Derbyshire Dales District Council at the below dates and times:
Date and Time                                                          Location
11th April 2pm-6pm                                                  Wirksworth Leisure centre
19th April 1pm-5:30pm                                             Ashbourne Leisure Centre
25th April 1pm-5:30pm                                             Imperial Rooms, Matlock
Public Meetings:
Date and Time                                                          Location
11th April 7pm-9pm                                                  Wirksworth Leisure Centre
19th April 7pm-9pm                                                  Elim Church, Ashbourne
25th April 7pm-9pm                                                  Highfield School, Matlock
Copies of the document will also be available at Wirksworth, Ashbourne and Matlock libraries.
All comments on the Derbyshire Dales Draft Local Plan should be with the District Council by 19thMay 2016.
Should you have any specific questions or matters you wish to discuss in detail about the consultation please do not hesitate to contact me on the above telephone number or via email

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