2015 / 2016 Council Projects

The Parish Council has been very busy over the last 12 months and here are some of the things that have been or are being put in place by us.

The virtual footpath from outside Clifton Smith Hall to just beyond The Cock Inn has been completed.  This makes it safer for pedestrians to use this part of the road & is particularly beneficial at the beginning & end of school time.  The white lines in the middle of the road at this point have been removed.  Experts say that this psychologically slows drivers down due to lack of road markings & the perceived narrowness of the road.  Drivers are still allowed to cross the white line onto the virtual pavement but obviously not whilst it is occupied by pedestrians !
A survey of the speed of traffic through the village has been undertaken & it has been found that the majority of vehicles travel at or below the speed limit, despite the perception of greater speed

Road Signs
The 30mph signs at the entrance to the village on Watery Lane & Sidesmill Lane have been cleared of vegetation and cleaned.  We are having a dialogue with D.C.C. Highways Department about more prominent signs or even 30mph rondels on the road surface at these locations.  We have also spoken to Highways Department about vehicles travelling the wrong way along Church View towards Cock Hill & put forward a solution for extra signage. Unfortunately we have been told that due to lack of funds this is not a priority for them. The dialogue continues !
We want to install ‘Clifton’ name signs on Watery Lane & Sidesmill Lane so that motorists know they are entering a village.

The Ford
The Parish Council are trying to get a water depth gauge installed in the ford at the bottom of Green Lane.  Talks continue with D.C.C. Highways Maintenance Department and the Environment Agency.

Village Planters
To brighten up the roadside for villagers & those passing through, members of the Parish Council have constructed, installed & filled 4 planters.  The plants have been very kindly donated by Homebase in the first instance but future maintenance & planting will be done by Clifton W.I., Clifton School, Holy Trinity Church Clifton & Clifton Parish Council who have each agreed to look after one each.  If anyone would like to get involved with any of the planters then please contact any of these organisations – W.I. – Tina Harbinson; Church – Jackie Nicholson; School – Heidi Davies; Parish Council – Phil Simpson
Playing Fields
The junior & infant swing seats have been replaced.
The two sets of goal posts on the field have been reduced in size & brought closer together to make it more user friendly for the children.
Three picnic benches have been installed
The fencing surrounding the play area is to be repaired & new fencing is to be erected between the paved area & the stream.
Additional play equipment for older children is in the process of being purchased

Village Notice Board
There is a new larger village notice board outside Clifton Smith Hall giving more room for Parish Council, Church, Hall and community notices

A defibrillator is to be installed on the exterior wall of Clifton Smith Hall for use in an emergency.  Training is to be given & if anyone is interested in being trained, then please contact Cllr Jo Harrison on email ….. jo@fwharrison.co.uk

Parish Council Meetings
Everybody is welcome to attend meetings.  There is always an item on the Agenda for public participation & the Agenda is placed in the Notice Board outside Clifton Smith Hall before each meeting
The next meeting is Wednesday 21st September at 7.30pm in the Hall


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