Gauging the Depth at the Ford

IMG_2217_Ford Gauge

The Ford at Doles Farm is a lovely spot to walk to in Summer for dogs to cool off in the water.  However, it also pops up as a shortcut on some Satellite Navigation systems despite being dangerously deep at certain times of the year. To address this problem the Council arranged for signs at either end of Doles Lane to advise  road users to ignore their Sat Nav systems earlier in the year (see this article ).

IMG_2215_Ford Gauge

For some time the Council and in particular Chairman of the Council Jo Harrison have been working to get depth gauges installed at the Ford as further warning  to road users and these gauges are now in place.  Only a few years back a pickup truck attempting to cross the ford while the river was heavily in flood was swept down the river.    Hopefully the steps the Council has undertaken should greatly reduce the chances of that happening again and improve safety for all users!

IMG_2216_Ford Gauge


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