ClifChat Followup

At the ClifChat Event in September we asked people to give us their suggestions and thoughts on what matters to them in the village.  We have compiled a list of suggestions which can be viewed here.

At the next Parish Council Meeting in November (Wednesday 21st, 7:30 public participation is welcomed) we will be looking into Traffic issues which was a hot topic (some traffic matters are already being progressed).   We also attended a recent meeting about rejuvenating the Neighbourhood Watch in the village which was another suggestion from ClifChat so that will be discussed at a future Parish Council Meeting too.



September ClifChat Success

On Saturday 8th September the Parish Council hosted the first ClifChat event at Clifton Smith Hall.   The idea behind it was to bring Clifton residents together and find out their ideas for how we could improve the village and engender a sense of community.  ClifChat was well attended by residents and we are very grateful that representatives from many local bodies also gave their time to attend including the local fire service, District Council, County Council, Revd Duncan Ballard and Revd Amanda Marshall as well as a small party from Clifton Cricket Club!

Also the Parish Council would like to give special thanks to Nicky Taylor-Smith, Jackie Nicholson, Katy Hall and  Helen Craven for their help with the refreshments which were well received by all attending!


We have compiled a list of comments and thoughts from those attending that we will review and use to form an action plan.  We will be holding another ClifChat event in the near future – watch this space.


Reporting Road Faults

Members of the Parish Council attend meetings held at District and County level from time to time.   At a meeting at County Hall, in 2017 Derbyshire County Council talked about a new service they have implemented on their web site called the Traffic Hub.  This allows residents to report any kind of road fault from potholes in the road to problems with street lighting.  It uses a mapping facility to pinpoint the problem.  In the example below a street light on Cross Side is being reported.    The link to report any road (or pavement) related problem is at

Map - reporting a street lamp fault

Clifton Cricket Club Defibrillator Training Postponed

Clifton Cricket Club have recently taken delivery of a Defibrillator which means the village now has access to two defibrillators (the other one is at Clifton Smith Hall).

We reported in the Newsletter that a free training session for the cricket club’s defibrillator was due to be held in August.

Unfortunately ,the trainer who was to deliver the training is having an operation and so we have had to postpone the training for now.  Once the session has been rescheduled we will let you know of the new date.

Gauging the Depth at the Ford

IMG_2217_Ford Gauge

The Ford at Doles Farm is a lovely spot to walk to in Summer for dogs to cool off in the water.  However, it also pops up as a shortcut on some Satellite Navigation systems despite being dangerously deep at certain times of the year. To address this problem the Council arranged for signs at either end of Doles Lane to advise  road users to ignore their Sat Nav systems earlier in the year (see this article ).

IMG_2215_Ford Gauge

For some time the Council and in particular Chairman of the Council Jo Harrison have been working to get depth gauges installed at the Ford as further warning  to road users and these gauges are now in place.  Only a few years back a pickup truck attempting to cross the ford while the river was heavily in flood was swept down the river.    Hopefully the steps the Council has undertaken should greatly reduce the chances of that happening again and improve safety for all users!

IMG_2216_Ford Gauge

Improvements to the Playing Field

Improvements were made in the Playing Field over the last bank holiday weekend by the Parish Council Working Party!  On Friday afternoon Phil completed work on filling in the gaps on the patio stones (ahead of schedule!).

On Saturday Jo, Bob, Phil and Paul set to work using up the surplus gravel to improve the ground beneath the picnic tables and seat which are prone to get muddy in the less clement times of the year.

Picnic Table base improved

Bench base improved




Working Party – Jo, Paul, Bob and Phil – Saturday 26th May

Annual Meeting Wednesday 16th May 2018

It seems fitting that in the hundredth anniversary year of women first getting the vote, Clifton Parish Council has elected it’s first lady Chairman,  Jo Harrison.  Many congratulations Jo!

Jo takes over from Bob Nicholson who has done a super job as Chairman over the past few years.   Phil Simpson was also elected Vice Chairman at the council’s annual general meeting.

In the photo seated are council clerk Nicky Taylor-Smith and chairman Jo Harrison, and standing are councillors Paul Siddall, vice-chairman Phil Simpson, Ron Taylor, Bob Nicholson and Nigel Haighton

The minutes from the meeting have been posted on the documents page.

The next Clifton Parish Council Meeting is on Wednesday July 25, 2018 at 7:30 pm – please  come along to observe and/or engage in village matters – all are welcome.